My tiny phone ringtones reviews : Free music ringtones download.

My Tiny Phone Ringtones Reviews

my tiny phone ringtones reviews

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Tiny Variations

Tiny Variations

Here is how all my tinies stack up with each other:

Eli (far left) is a smallest. He's a Lati white.

Petal (middle left) is the next smallest. She's a Fairyland Puki.

Penelope (middle right) is next, just a tiny bit taller then the Puki. She's a Lati white SP.

Madeline (right) is among my biggest tinies. She's a Lati yellow (one of three that I have, plus I have another on the way). She looks like a giant next to the others! But make no mistake, she is still really small. :D

Tiny Morticia Addams

Tiny Morticia Addams

at the Tiny Halloween Party, Raglan Shire Haunted Mansion, 10/31/2008.

my tiny phone ringtones reviews

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